Social Media News and the Dark Side of the Attention Economy

This week I talk about some of the dark side of the new attention economy.  Social Media continues hacking our nervous systems’ to weaponize our reactivity and short attention spans tin our new economy, cranking out more and more content that simply reaffirms our own beliefs to keep this distorted new economy going…..because there simply isn’t […]

When Memories Become Distant & Los Angeles

This week I explore the unique feeling of when a recent memory becomes a distant one along with the uniqueness of first memories. Then it’s a lovely rant on why I love Los Angeles.

SHARE on Conscious2

Thrilled to announce that my short film SHARE has now joined the amazing content library at Conscious2! Conscious2 is like a netflix for those of us that want to wake up and transform in a real and grounded way. My film joins an amazing library of courses on yoga, meditation, and transformation along with original […]

Mutation as Art and the Shifting from Potential to Precious

In this episode, I chat about how something like Adobe Spark hints that even something like design is being impacted by algorithms and simultaneously makes even more possible mutators / remixers as artists. Then I dive into the esoteric and talk about the meaningful shift from focusing on potential to that which is precious in […]

Pop Culture Deaths, Rogue One, and Avatar

In this episode of my new podcast I riff about why the death of pop culture icons like Carrie Fisher seem to matter so much in our culture, how I felt about Rogue One: A Star Wars story, and my deep abiding love for Avatar. Apologies for the clipped audio. I tried a new setup […]

New Project: How I Created a Cult

Super proud and excited to announce that How I Created a Cult: The Story of Andrew Cohen and EnlightenNext has started airing on Honored to serve as Directory of Photography as part of a potent team that created this 6 part series. An important topic that’s come up time and again amongst spiritual communities […]

Favorite Films of 2015

While already halfway through 2016 I finally had some time to sit down and write up my list of films from last year! I missed a ton of films last year (Bridge of Spies, Brooklyn, Trumbo, The Danish Girl, Joy, Carol, The Hateful Eight, Son of Saul), some of which I may never catch up […]

Masculine Power

While violent crime overall is going down, with the increased speed and presence our current digital world brings to the news it seems like hardly a week goes by without another police shooting, terrorist attack, gang death, horrible rape, or shooting spree. Paris, San Bernadino, Nice, Dallas, Istanbul, the Stanford Rape case, Orlando, Baton Rouge, Ferguson, […]

The Pain of Energy Debt (awareness vs change)

In the spring of 2000, during the 2nd semester of my first year of college I took a photography class.  Back then, digital cameras were definitely on the scene but still very low resolution and clunky.  So my class was of the old school kind and used actual film, chemicals, and time in the dark […]

The Urge to Be Right

As a techno-optimist, I generally fall on the side of most technologies being good things, be it computers, social media, AI, etc.  That said, the last week and a half I started to notice more than ever a growing urge rearing it’s head every time I popped over to facebook, twitter, and the social web. […]

Evolving Hollywood

Excited to announce a new project I’ve launched: Evolving Hollywood. Co-founded with my long time friend, James Wagner, Evolving Hollywood is a podcast and in real life community for seekers and practitioners in the arts and entertainment industry.  On the show we’ll be interviewing different people involved in entertainment about their transformative practices, art, business, […]

Emergence Moments, Social Cohesion, and STAR WARS

Two random Star Wars inspired ideas linger with me as I sit here on a cool and cloudy Los Angeles winter afternoon. One, I notice I’m enjoying a particular sensation present in my experience. It’s one that I first really started to identify when Pearl Jam would announce the release date for a new album, […]

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