I work with men on embodiment and integration in both virtual and in-person Men’s groups, events, and programs. I’ve been involved with Men’s work for over a decade, and have been facilitating for over 3 years. I’ve had the immense honor to have received personal support and training from luminary men such as Tripp Lanier, JunPo Roshi, Robert Augustus Masters, and John Wineland.

I also serve my mission on an artistic and cultural level by creating media that has an impact.

I believe that film and television are the most powerful mediums of the modern era, and have the potential to help people wake up to new perspectives and insights about life and the nature of reality.  The motion picture arts at their very essence have viewers identify with and take perspectives other than their own, allowing people to experience things often outside the realm of their day-to-day existence.  Film and Television are also two of the most mainstream areas in which our culture allows people to feel and express the entire spectrum of the human experience.  Fear, anger, lust, sadness, shame, exhilaration: whatever the feeling may be, Film and Television give viewers the opportunity and permission to fully experience these feelings without judgment or harm; they allow us to practice being human.

About Me:

Before moving to Los Angeles, I spent 4 years living in Boulder, CO in the heart of the integral and evolutionary consciousness movements, learning and practicing with leaders in the wisdom traditions and the personal growth movement. I worked for Ken Wilber and his Integral Institute before co-founding the non-profit Boulder Integral (now The Integral Center) with other leaders in the integral movement. It is my aim to take the teachings and insights of these communities into the heart of the world’s most famous entertainment hub.

I was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago and went to college in Santa Cruz, CA. I obtained a degree in Film & Digital Media Production from the University of California: Santa Cruz, and have grown up immersed in digital technology and media production. Video games, cinema, and the latest in computers and gadgets are some of my primary passions. I’ve had a diverse professional career that has taught me a great deal about effectively working with others.  I’ve been a Teaching Assistant for Film Courses at UCSC, been a caregiver for Teenagers with Autism with the Listen Foundation, worked technical support at Conant High School and Career Education Corporation, started a Member Services Center at the Integral Institute, mentored an amazing 8 year old in the Big Brothers program, co-founded the amazing non-profit Boulder Integral, and was instrumental in creating the television series Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll with Stuart Davis.

My main hobbies include Strength Training, going to live music, watching films, snowboarding, hiking, playing Rock Band, traveling, swing and salsa dancing, participating in a powerful transformational Men’s Group, and actively meditating. I’m a diehard fan of bands such as Pearl Jam, Brett Dennen, Stuart Davis, and Michael Franti & Spearhead. I like to watch the Simpsons, Futurama, The Daily Show, LOST, Doctor Who, and loved Six Feet Under.  I’m an avid cineophile that loves everything from the most obscure classics to the finest of modern mainstream Hollywood.  I’ll watch almost anything once.

I’ve been heavily influenced by the work of Lucas Arts Entertainment, Ken Wilber, Jim Henson, Eddie Vedder, Martin Luther King, Jacques Tati, Michael Crichton, Krystof Kieslowski, Ingmar Bergman, Steven Spielberg, Jane Jensen, Robert Augustus Masters, Authentic World, David Deida, Maggie Morse, Kevin Kelly, Valve Studios, Peter Jackson, and the many amazing practitioners and teachers I met during my time in Boulder.