Film & TV projects I’ve co-created over the years…

Stuck in Development

Hippie meets Hollywood! Stuck in Development is an indie comedy series I wrote and directed about a guy that moves to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams of being a writer/director, but instead spends all of his time on personal growth and development. It’s full of truths and absurdities about what it takes to be an artist, entrepreneur, and growth-oriented person in our modern age.


SHARE is a short narrative film I wrote and directed about a young couple wrestling with the decision of whether or not to take their relationship to a deeper level by using a technology known as “sharing”.  It allows people to share their memories with perfect fidelity so they can see that other person’s entire life in a digital instant.

Awakening World

Awakening World is a documentary I shot, edited, and co-produced with director Sebastian Siegel. Exploring topics ranging from “what is love?” to “what is the purpose of life?”, the project sets out to uncover deep truths through interviews with influential thinkers, best-selling authors, renowned artists and innovators.

How I Created a Cult

Andrew Cohen was one of the most notorious gurus in recent history. His organization, EnlightenNext, collected millions of dollars from devotees. But soon stories emerged of psychological abuse, extortion and coercive control. Now group members, and Cohen himself, reveal what life was like inside the cult. What makes people join these groups and why do so many of them end in turmoil and tragedy?

Sex, God, Rock 'n Roll

I filmed, co-produced, and co-edited both seasons of this hilarious TV show. Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll was an original TV series written and directed by Stuart Davis. The show blends edgy comedy with original music. With a trademark synergy of sacred and profane punch-lines, Stu takes us through the circus of sexuality, spirituality, and showbiz.

Just Be Yourself

An indie short I filmed by director Stuart Davis – Just Be Yourself follows a desperate, unemployed man that is offered a job to ‘just be himself’. He flounders and fails. And then he rises again to take over the company. JUST BE YOURSELF is a comedy about identity. In the vein of films like NAPOLEAN DYNAMITE and BEING JOHN MALKOVICH, this short film celebrates one man’s hilarious and surreal awakening.