The Coming Age of Technodelics

Last week Facebook bought Oculus VR, the company that’s been developing what many think is finally going to be the headset that brings VR mainstream. Oculus was already in a pretty exciting place, having raised $2,437,429 on kickstarter in 2012 and having secured John Carmack of id software fame as CTO. Facebook’s acquisition means they […]

“The Death of Normal” / The Power of Perspectives

Those wishing to hold national office in these United States will find it increasingly useless to argue for normal, to attempt to play one minority against the next, to turn pluralities against the feared “other” of gays, or blacks, or immigrants, or, incredibly in this election cycle, our very wives and lovers and daughters, fellow […]

Show Don’t Tell: why I prefer The Artist over Hugo

There was a point about halfway through the Oscars Sunday night, having seen HUGO grab yet another win, that I honestly thought it might steal best picture or best director away from Michel Hazanavicious’ The Artist.  That didn’t happen much to my delight, as I personally think The Artist is leagues better than Hugo. I […]

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