Emergence Moments, Social Cohesion, and STAR WARS

Two random Star Wars inspired ideas linger with me as I sit here on a cool and cloudy Los Angeles winter afternoon. One, I notice I’m enjoying a particular sensation present in my experience. It’s one that I first really started to identify when Pearl Jam would announce the release date for a new album, […]

Technology Vs Time

Sitting today wondering, is impermanence itself becoming a passing thing? The concept that “all things will pass” and that “nothing lasts forever” has always been true. However the universe came into being, it’s pretty clear it’s vastly different now then it was then. Stars, planets, and galaxies have come and gone for the majority of […]

Robots teach us about being human

I saw Chappie last weekend, which despite a lot of the negative reviews I found a pretty solid “mainstream” movie. It was flawed, and absolutely fell prey to normal big budget rocket, robot, and explosion juvenile male beats, but still, a movie about consciousness! – and not only that, a movie about the development of […]

The Coming Age of Technodelics

Last week Facebook bought Oculus VR, the company that’s been developing what many think is finally going to be the headset that brings VR mainstream. Oculus was already in a pretty exciting place, having raised $2,437,429 on kickstarter in 2012 and having secured John Carmack of id software fame as CTO. Facebook’s acquisition means they […]

The Hobbit: 24FPS vs 48FPS & Other Problems…

I saw The Hobbit this morning in 3D HFR in order to give Peter Jackson the benefit of the doubt and see it as he most intended it to be seen. Do I regret seeing it like that? No. Would I recommend it? No. There’s a lot of problems with this film, only one of […]

“The Death of Normal” / The Power of Perspectives

Those wishing to hold national office in these United States will find it increasingly useless to argue for normal, to attempt to play one minority against the next, to turn pluralities against the feared “other” of gays, or blacks, or immigrants, or, incredibly in this election cycle, our very wives and lovers and daughters, fellow […]

Netflix, Big Data, and what hollywood is missing out on.

That’s Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos talking to his investors about one of the KEY advantages tech companies have over traditional media studios in the evolving film and television markets. For a few years now I’ve been thinking that the real value of Netflix isn’t the content library per say, but the exhausting amount of specific data Netflix […]

New Podcast! The 7th Kingdom

Very excited to announce the launch of a new podcast I’m co-hosting my with my brilliant friend Stan James: The 7th Kingdom – A deeper look at technology and life. I first met Stan back in my Integral Institute days when he presented to our office on an exciting new technology platform he was developing […]

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