Evolution is Intensely Relational with Dr. Keith Witt

Do The Evolution
Do The Evolution
Evolution is Intensely Relational with Dr. Keith Witt

Time to go DEEP!

In this episode I chat with Dr. Keith Witt, one of the sharpest minds and absolutely most badass heart warriors I know.

Dr. Witt is a psychologist, author, speaking, and incredible teacher. We explore a HUGE variety of topics together, ranging from evolutionary theory to politics to super hero conventions, including:

  • Relationships as evolution
  • 3 types of evolution
  • Mindfulness as a super power
  • What differentiates heroes from villains
  • Self love as a line of development
  • Connection IS healing
  • What our cultural crisis is trying to “reconnect”
  • Universal Basic Income as evolutionary accelerator
  • The power of limiting childhood trauma
  • Why parents in Europe are happier than parents in the US
  • The hot dog joke as evolutionary mileshone
  • Natural Authority & Flex Flow relationships
  • What’s changed in the last decades of psychotherapy
  • The important of external protections on system
  • Primary Metaphors

Give it a listen, maybe even twice!

When you’re done, learn more about Dr. Keith Witt:


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