Whether you need a short piece for the web or a feature length production, I can help you take your project from pre-production and planning all the way through distribution and online marketing.  I’m primarily a skilled Cinematographer, Director, and Editor, but can assist in numerous other capacities as well.  I have a passion for film and story telling, a degree in Film & Digital Media, and fluency with any number of current digital and interactive media types.

Skills and talents:

  • Cinematography
  • Directing
  • Preproduction: Writing and Planning
  • Camera Operation
  • Editing
  • Lighting Design
  • Gripping
  • Post Production: Titling and Effects
  • DVD Authoring
  • Anything else necessary


While I don’t do graphic design, I can help you decide what type of website you need, the proper platform to launch it on, and help you build the back end.  My primary web development skills involve HTML/CSS coding of WordPress sites that can be hooked into Amember Membership Management Software.  If that sentence makes no sense to you, don’t worry, I know what it means so you don’t have to. I can also assist with Search Engine Optimization, Online Marketing, Social Media Presencing & Integration, basic e-Commerce and more. Whatever your needs, I can help you get onto the web in the way that makes most sense for you.

Skills and talents:

  • HTML/CSS coding
  • WordPress Sites
  • Amember Membership Management
  • custom Ning, buddyPress, and kickApps customized social networks
  • Social Media Presencing and Integration (Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc..)
  • Basic e-Commerce implementation

Technology Support/Coaching

Having grown up during the transition from analogue to digital technologies, I have a unique appreciation and understanding of both.  Additionally, my years of experience as a Technical Support Specialist, Teaching Assist, and Caregiver for the Developmentally Disabled have combined to make me and excellent and patient teacher. Just because technology comes easy for me, I understand it may not for you. I can assist you fixing an old computer, setting up a new one, getting yourself online, or buying the latest home theater setup you’ve always dreamed of.

Skills and talents:

  • 10+ Years experience repairing and setting up computers
  • Ability to teach everything from the most basic computer skills to using the latest cutting edge online technologies and gizmos
  • Home theater setup and optimization
  • Clear out your garage! I can sell your junk on eBay!
  • Want a computer, gadget, or other item? I can research and find the best in class product for your price range
  • Go wireless! Let me network your home.