Freya – Ancient Medicine for the Modern Women

Incredibly excited to announce a new project I’ve co-created with my wife Violet Lange and genius friend and Chinese medicine practitioner Marco Lam of the Mandala Clinic in Boulder, CO.


Freya is an amazing new all herbal instant tea mix created specifically for women. The tension and stress of our modern living can cause menstrual blood and “chi”, or energy, to get blocked and become stagnant. This can cause abnormal growth and imbalances in the reproductive system, making cycles painful and making it harder for women to get pregnant when they decide the time is right.

Freya makes cycles smoother, decreases PMS symptoms, and aids in creating and maintaining a healthy reproductive system – helping women get pregnant at the time of their choice, event if they’ve been on long term birth control.

We’re running an IndieGoGo campaign to raise the funds to do our first manufacturing run and could use your help! No donation is to small, and your contribution will help us get Freya into the hands of women that need it sooner than later.

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