New Project: How I Created a Cult

Super proud and excited to announce that How I Created a Cult: The Story of Andrew Cohen and EnlightenNext has started airing on

Honored to serve as Directory of Photography as part of a potent team that created this 6 part series. An important topic that’s come up time and again amongst spiritual communities of all types of traditions and beliefs, this series documents what happened in one of the most controversial examples of our time. Potent and nuanced, it delves into what both attracted people and the many things that went wrong as this community unfolded.

Always thrilled to be in on projects that shine some light into places of shadow.

Check out the trailer below and watch more here.

  • Brian

    Looks like this video is not available on Any idea where I ca
    n see it?

  • Hey Brian! It’s actually still available on conscious 2 for members, but they had to take down the public page for marketing reasons. If you sign up for the trial it is available on the site.

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