Evolving Hollywood

Excited to announce a new project I’ve launched: Evolving Hollywood. Co-founded with my long time friend, James Wagner, Evolving Hollywood is a podcast and in real life community for seekers and practitioners in the arts and entertainment industry.  On the show we’ll be interviewing different people involved in entertainment about their transformative practices, art, business, and how they all intermingle.

Plus, if you live in LA you’re free to join us for one of our in person social mixers, which we hope to have at least once a month.

The goal is to form a tribe of like minded individuals that are trying to create media, tell stories, or put work out in the world through mainstream channels, whom also care about the growth and development of consciousness.  Head on over to the site now and subscribe to the podcast to listen to our first couple of episodes in which James and I tell a bit of our own stories!

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  • Taken Films

    Nice, will the podcast mainly be about the tech side of the entertainment industry or will you also talk about the craft of filmmaking?

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