The Paradox of Practice

13 months ago I stepped back into the gym for the first time in nearly 4 years.

I’m down 40 pounds of body fat as of early last week, which I celebrate by writing this post.

It’s been a great and illuminating learning experience, namely because it’s really taught me the value of practice as a lifestyle.

I keep an exercise log I fill out as I go through my routines. At the end of each session, I scribble down a letter grade on how I felt overall.

Truth is over 80% of them were D’s and C’s. “Lethargic.” “Didn’t feel powerful.” “Ended early.”

Taken individually, most of my workouts were failures in the sense I didn’t perform at a level I felt was full out. I took off numerous days and sometimes weeks for back injuries.

But taken as a whole, the practice worked.

No single session mattered or changed my body.

Yet all that actually changed me was each individual session.

It’s the paradox of practice.

Change is most obvious with time and presence in the moment is all one can really do.

My lesson?

Fail with consistency and change will come.

Applying this to my art is the next great leap.

Live each day as if each rep was your last!


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