Would You Share?

2 years after launching the kickstarter campaign, and a year after it began it’s festival run, I’m happy to say, SHARE is now available online for viewing.

It’s the first project I wrote and directed that I can completely call my own, which is a milestone for me.

That said, making it really drove home for me how so much of the battle of collaborative art is just working with the right people.  Huge thanks to the amazing cast and crew that worked so hard to make my vision a reality.

This project is the first in what I hope will be a long career exploring intimacy, technology, transformation, and the wild ride that is being human.  For all of you that donated to the crowdfunding campaign, it has changed my life.  Thank You.

The final phase for this piece is now just being seen.  You can watch it for free below, preferably on as big a screen and with as little distraction as you can manage.

Then, please share it, online and offline with as many people as you can – romantic partners, friends, family anyone who’s experience you’ve ever found yourself curious about.

My hope is you’ll find connection in the conversation it sparks afterwards.

If so inclined, you can buy it on dvd at WouldYouShare.com and/or leave tips of gratitude if you’d like to support me and my future projects.  I’m writing the rough draft of a feature now, and have some more shorts and a web series on the radar for later this year.

And yes, I’d absolutely share.

If the last years of my life have taught me anything, it’s that vulnerability is a choice I never regret.

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