New Podcast! The 7th Kingdom

Very excited to announce the launch of a new podcast I’m co-hosting my with my brilliant friend Stan James: The 7th Kingdom – A deeper look at technology and life.

I first met Stan back in my Integral Institute days when he presented to our office on an exciting new technology platform he was developing at the time (which later morphed into Lijit).  I was immediately drawn to Stan in that first meeting as he was already exploring the intersection of technology and human behavior.  We quickly became good friends during the few years we spent living in Boulder together, and had many conversations about technology, human behavior, social and cultural evolution, and all the trends and patterns we saw emerging.

When I first started thinking about launching a podcast earlier this year Stan was top of my list as I figured “we’re already having these conversations, and they’re FUN!”.  When I proposed the idea to him he quickly got as excited as I did, and hence The 7th Kingdom was born.  In our new podcast we’ll be taking a deeper look at technology and life: how is technology evolving?  how are we evolving?  does it change relationships? health? productivity?  is the breakneck pace of innovation good, bad, or both?  We’ll be exploring all of this and more as we talk with each other, interview friends and experts, and explore the ways in which technology is affecting us as individuals,  our societies, and our planet.  We’ll be talking about new technologies, old technologies, and media of all types.  With Stan up in Silicon Valley, and me in Hollywood, we feel like we’re at a unique crossroads between two of the most powerful industries in the US.

Please subscribe to us in iTunes and share with your friends.  In our pilot episode Stan and I talk mostly about how the idea for the podcast came about, who we are and some of our personal technological histories, and introduce some of the topics we’ll be discussing in future episodes.

Welcome to the 7th Kingdom!

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