Premiere Pro CS6 is Killing Me

Every single time I open it to edit, I find stuff missing that just worked in FCP7. I’d hoped that they’d use the year between FCPX/CS5.5 and CS6 to just port over a bunch of FCP’s most useful tools Maybe CS6.5 will be the droid I’ve been looking for, but so far I find it mostly aggravating to work in.  Sadly even all these years later I still find it worth the time to transcode footage and use ancient FCP7.  If I was Adobe, I’d put out one single poll to my customers: What did FCP7 do that you miss in Premiere Pro?  Then I’d add ALL of that to CS6.5 and drive the stake in the heart of FCPX for good.

Just in today’s edit session I hit the following stumbling blocks:

  • No Command-F to find and select clips on the timeline for easy pasting of attributes.
  • No ability to jump back and forth on the timeline between CLIP markers.  Clip markers are pointless in CS6.
  • Marker functionality overall is brutal. I miss double hitting M!
  • No using the numeric keypad for multi clip editing.
  • No single key to cut to a new angle in the timeline when multi clip editing.
  • Can’t rejoin a clip if you razor it and then decide the edit isn’t needed. Final cut not only let you delete the cut, but would visually signify that this cut was continuous. Super useful.
  • No real multi clip collapsing when finishing.
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