The Coming Age of Technodelics

Last week Facebook bought Oculus VR, the company that’s been developing what many think is finally going to be the headset that brings VR mainstream. Oculus was already in a pretty exciting place, having raised $2,437,429 on kickstarter in 2012 and having secured John Carmack of id software fame as CTO. Facebook’s acquisition means they […]

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Another year and barrage of lists. 2013 ended up being a pretty fantastic year for cinema. Here’s a brief list of my favorite films of 2013 that have stayed with me.

My Favorite Films of 2013


Everything has changed, absolutely nothing’s changed That’s not the correct line from Pearl Jam’s “Corduroy”, but for years I always thought it was and have settled on it being correct for me. I actually don’t listen to Pearl Jam albums that much. During off season, months will usually pass in which I don’t put on […]

Everything has changed, absolutely nothing’s changed (Pearl Jam + Time = Magic)


I had the pleasure of seeing Before Midnight earlier this week and absolutely loved it. I was a bit late to the series, not seeing Before Sunrise until 2005 just as the sequel Before Sunset was being released. I quickly fell in love with the films (particularly the second one) and needless to say was […]

Before Midnight (Cinema + Time = Magic)


Excited to share that my short film SHARE is live on Kickstarter! Really proud of the script and excited to make it happen! Here’s how you can help: Donate! – No amount is too small and I will be forever grateful to you for helping to jumpstart my career to the next level Share the […]

My new short film SHARE


One of the projects I’ve been focusing a lot on the last 3 years has been Sebastian Siegel’s Love Sex God documentary series. I co-produced, edited, and shot the first installment, Awakening World. It’s lighthearted and thought provoking short documentary about some of life’s deepest questions: Love, intimacy, heaven, hell, and purpose. It’s been playing […]

Love Sex God: Awakening World & Spirit of Evolution


I saw The Hobbit this morning in 3D HFR in order to give Peter Jackson the benefit of the doubt and see it as he most intended it to be seen. Do I regret seeing it like that? No. Would I recommend it? No. There’s a lot of problems with this film, only one of […]

The Hobbit: 24FPS vs 48FPS & Other Problems…