Dreams of Trump, Showing vs Telling, and an Attention Onslaught Rant

I had a Trump dream!  Vivid and powerful, sharing it leads into an area of my life that feels very alive right now that I dissect through the screenwriting axiom of Show, don’t tell – which turns out to be a hell of a good transformation guideline as well.  Talking through some examples of good show don’t tell […]

The IMAX VR Experience Center with Jay Mutzafi

In this episode fellow technodelic adventurer and friend Jay Mutzafi joins me to discuss our recent journey to the IMAX VR Experience Center here in Los Angeles.  We talk about our favorite “experiences” and the general state of VR affairs.   SHOW NOTES Lucid Sage Podcast The Last Turtle Podcast Google Tiltbrush IMAX VR Experience Center […]

Thoughts on Logan Plus Some Things Aren’t Meant to Be Felt Alone

SPOILER WARNING! I had great fun watching LOGAN last week, as it got a few important things about super hero narratives right which I discuss in spoiler glory in the first half of the episode. Then I share about the power of social emotions and how I believe some things just aren’t meant to be […]

The Darkside of the Five

In the realm of “life truths” and spiritual wisdom, one of the common ones I hear over and over is that you’re the sum of the 5 people you surround yourself with. This is totally partially true, and something I can mostly agree with.  However, like the law of attraction, being in the moment, or any […]

Favorite Films of 2016

Another film year has come and gone! I saw far fewer films in 2016 than I have in a good many years due to a much more travel filled life schedule! The fall came through strong though, with a few truly wonderful films that made the entire year worth it! Slight spoiler warning in the […]

Doing the Evolution & The Age of Infinity

Back from retreat I read a poem and then explore why this podcast is called Do the Evolution, which is both my path and artistic process. Then I close things out paying homage to the end of the age of infinity in my life, a developmental stage I believe many of my generation are experiencing. […]

Stay Charged about Net Neutrality

New FCC chairman Ajit Pai has already taken several actions since being appointed that indicate the battle of net neutrality may be starting up again.  Listen in to find out why you should care.

SnapChat as a New Technological Literacy and Purging as Practice

In Episode 5, I talk about how I think SnapChatting is an emerging technological literacy, and one that all entrepreneurs and artists are increasingly going to need to know to master in our attention economy.  In the second half of the episode, I talk about how purging nostalgic items during my current move relates to plant […]

Social Media News and the Dark Side of the Attention Economy

This week I talk about some of the dark side of the new attention economy.  Social Media continues hacking our nervous systems’ to weaponize our reactivity and short attention spans tin our new economy, cranking out more and more content that simply reaffirms our own beliefs to keep this distorted new economy going…..because there simply isn’t […]

When Memories Become Distant & Los Angeles

This week I explore the unique feeling of when a recent memory becomes a distant one along with the uniqueness of first memories. Then it’s a lovely rant on why I love Los Angeles.

SHARE on Conscious2

Thrilled to announce that my short film SHARE has now joined the amazing content library at Conscious2! Conscious2 is like a netflix for those of us that want to wake up and transform in a real and grounded way. My film joins an amazing library of courses on yoga, meditation, and transformation along with original […]

Mutation as Art and the Shifting from Potential to Precious

In this episode, I chat about how something like Adobe Spark hints that even something like design is being impacted by algorithms and simultaneously makes even more possible mutators / remixers as artists. Then I dive into the esoteric and talk about the meaningful shift from focusing on potential to that which is precious in […]

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